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At Chez Michelle Skin Spa, we look beyond the fads & hype surrounding the latest popular skin care, with the skin’s natural rhythms to induce positive, visible results.

The perfect place for relaxation, while also to calm and rejuvenate your skin & body.

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Menu of Services Face

Stop use of vitamin A at least 48 hours before and after treatments.

Customized Facial                                                                       $ 85

Acne Clearing Facial

Multi-Vitamin Salicylic Peel along with extraction & anti-bacterial mask                     $120

Microderm Diamond Tip                                                              $100

Microderm w/ 40% Glycolic & Retinol                                        $150

Jan Marini ® 40% Glycolic Peel                                                  $115

40% Glycolic w/ Retinol/Luminate                                              $135

Dermaplane                                                                                   $100

Jan Marini® Refine Peel

Minimal downtime; Consultation required before treatment is performed                    $150

The Ultimate Facial

Microderm, Light Peel, Calming Mask, Lip & Eye Treatment                                      $180

& Hyaluronic Moisture Serum

CooLifting ®                                                                                  $150

Designed to easily treat the whole face to obtain a general lifting

effect that smooths and illuminates the skin, CooLifting® pays

special attention to the areas most sensitive to wrinkles due to

expression and gravity: eyes, forehead, cheeks, frown lines &

lip area. This treatment delivers the cool temperature of CO2

gas combined with a concentration of a proprietary

hyaluronate solution.

Dermalinfusion Silk Peel                                                             $150

Simultaneous 3-IN-1 technology that utilizes a diamond tip to

evenly exfoliate skin along with extracting damaging dirt, oil

& debris from pores. Dermalinfusion infuses condition-specific

anti-aging serums to address: hyperpigmentation,

dry/dehydrated skin, blemishes & rough texture. This treatment

visibly reduces fine lines & wrinkles, volumizes skin by 70%,

improves radiance and clarity while targeting skin concerns

for a long lasting youthful boost.

* Skin treatments include: facial massage, clarisonic cleansing, steam towels with a drop of lavender oil, extraction if needed, customized facial mask, neck & décolleté massage(mask & massage not included with Refine, Clarify & Dermalinfusion treatments). Facial treatments can range approximately 45-75 minutes depending upon extractions.


Contouring detox body wrap                                 $100

w/Plastic Body Wrap                                               $ 50

Hot stone massage                                                 $110

Warm bamboo massage                                         $110

SASTM (Graston) technique                                   $ 75

Cupping massage                                                   $ 75

Therapeutic massage                                             $ 75

Isolated Stretching Technique                               $ 75

Results with Sciatica, lower back pain,

carpel tunnel, headaches, etc.

Ultimate Facial 2 Ultimate facials

Add-on treatments

Lip & eye treatment                      $15

Deluxe lip treatment                     $30

Deluxe eye treatment                   $30

Micro current lift                            $50

30 minute facial/massage             $50

15 minute cupping massage         $50

Chemical peels for 30 min facial   $50

LED light treatment                       $50

Jan Marini Skin Research®

products available on site!

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